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RMRG is a fully
accredited Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) team

For rescue assistance, call 911 or Boulder County Sheriff's dispatch
(303) 441-4444

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Charging for Mountain Search and Rescue

RMRG does not charge persons we assist for search and rescue services. RMRG's position is based on direct experience that fears of bills for rescue services delay and complicate rescue operations (PDF file, CSRB web site), and in the Boulder area.

RMRG is an active member of the Colorado Search and Rescue Board (CSRB) and the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA), both of which have public positions strongly opposed to charging for rescue:

  • CSRB's Policy on Charging for Search and Rescue Services (external web site)
  • MRA's Position Statement on charging for Search and Rescue (external web site)

    The Colorado Search and Rescue Board and the Rocky Mountain Region of the Mountain Rescue Association thank the City of Golden for ending the city's practice of billing recreationalists and sportsmen for rescue 8-June-2009 press release (PDF, via email)

    Although RMRG is not a member of the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) we are pleased with their opposition to charging for search and rescue, 30-April-2009 press release (PDF, via email)

    National Geographic Adventure blog:Deep Survival with Laurence Gonzales: $earch + Rescue: Should Victims Pay?

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