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RMRG is a fully
accredited Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) team

For rescue assistance, call 911 or Boulder County Sheriff's dispatch
(303) 441-4444

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Annual Reports

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RMRG Annual Report - 2010
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RMRG Annual Report - 2009
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RMRG Annual Report - 2008
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Accident Reports & Analysis & Other

Rock Climbing Rescues: Causes, Injuries, and Trends in Boulder County, Colorado (PDF, 8 pages, 400 KB, "in press" summer 2012 Wilderness Emergency Medicine Journal)

Rock Climbing Rescues in Boulder County, Colorado and Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado, 1998 - 2011

Yellow Spur Rope Failure Investigation, for June 22, 2010 fatal climbing accident

Rescue of injured climber, Eldorado Springs Canyon State Park: April 27, 2008

Avalanche (CAIC accident report), Yankee Doodle Lake, Indian Peaks: November 28, 2001

Climbing - Anchor Failure, Happy Hour, Boulder Canyon: April 20, 2000

The efficacy and comfort of full-body vacuum splints for cervical-spine immobilization, Journal of Emergency Medicine Sept - Oct 1996.


Playing for Real Playing for Real "Playing for Real" is our new book covering years of dramatic rescue stories in the mountains and canyons of Colorado and beyond.
  • Gripping tales of tragedy and triumph in the mountains
  • Rescue stories through the eyes of a team member
  • Historical vignettes of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group on its 60th anniversary
  • Author proceeds go to RMRG
Mountain Search & Rescue Techniques Mountain Search & Rescue Techniques "Mountain Search & Rescue Techniques" answers the question: "What does the individual need to know to be competent in mountain search and rescue operations?"

W.G. May, Published by RMRG, 1973
The book is available by mail order from RMRG at our contact address. Payment by check in advance.

Mission Statistics

Mission Statistics Mission Statistics - Click here for complete details.
  • Rescues are field missions where an accident victim requires evacuation or assistance by RMRG. Rescue missions may include search efforts.
  • Incidents are calls for assistance where the problem is resolved before RMRG members get into the field (out of their cars). Incidents occasionally require considerable effort to resolve.
  • "Other" are requests for assistance not involving mountain rescue services.
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