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RMRG is a fully
accredited Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) team

For rescue assistance, call 911 or Boulder County Sheriff's dispatch
(303) 441-4444

Thanks to our supporters:
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If you are new to RMRG, read the Participation Guidelines

We occasionally have trouble with Google's web calendar (below). If no events appear below, see the PDF schedule (scroll to "Download the print version of the 6 month training schedule here"). The map links for the individual calendar events on the CU campus do not work, because Google hasn't mapped the campus (yet?). Be sure to click on the meeting for the scheduled location. Most of our Wednesday night training lectures are in room 150 Eaton Humanities (CU online map).

Download the print version of the 6 month training schedule here (1 page, 102 KB PDF, current 9/20/15)

RMRG training lectures are open to the public except as noted. As of January 1, 2013, field training is limited to members only. Practice and meeting topics / times are subject to change. Please follow RMRG's participation guidelines when attending RMRG activities.

Mountain Search and Rescue Techniques - RMRG wrote one of the original books on mountain rescue in 1973. We encourage prospective members to buy the book and review appropriate sections prior to attending training events. See our Book Page for purchasing information.

Participation Guidelines

This information is intended to acquaint prospective members (generally called "Prospectives") participating in RMRG activities of relevant policies and expectations. These guidelines protect both RMRG and yourself and are not all inclusive. If you have questions, please ask, preferably in person at one of our meetings or practices.

  1. On all RMRG practices and missions you are always expected to function safely and use good judgment. Never attempt to perform a task for which you are not properly skilled, equipped, or prepared for at the time. You will never be forced to do anything that you do not want to do. If you feel you are getting in over your head or want a belay, speak up.
  2. Safety is extremely important to us. We encourage your immediate input to anything which you feel is unsafe or questionable during any operation of the Group.
  3. Prospectives are NOT members of RMRG and thus are not recognized representatives of RMRG. RMRG will notify relevant authorities of individuals who claim to have been or be "with" RMRG when in fact they were not members. Your association with RMRG as a prospective member does not permit you to display the RMRG or MRA emblems.
  4. RMRG members and prospective members should park legally for all practices and meetings.
  5. It is to your benefit to know as many members of RMRG as possible and for them to know you. We must be able to evaluate you and your capabilities so be active and ask questions.
  6. If you are signing up for an EMT or any other class that requires you to be associated with an organization and you intend to use RMRG as that organization, you MUST write to the RMRG Executive Board for permission to do so.
  7. Prospective members may NOT respond to a rescue unless specifically asked to by an RMRG member. There are serious legal reasons for this.
  8. If you have been asked to respond to a mission, drive cautiously! We are not exempt from the law, and it is RMRG's long-standing policy that your traffic tickets are your problem: A mountain rescue call is not an excuse to speed. When arriving at mission base, check in with the RMR mission leader.
  9. Press relations at missions and at other times are to be handled only by designated members. Participants at missions, practices, or other activities should direct any questions to an appropriate senior member. Names of victims and members should not be given out.
This page is superseded Visit our current web site at http://RockyMountainRescue.org

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