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Learning from the Mistakes of Others:
Causes of Climbing Accidents in Boulder, Colorado

28 March-2013: Presentation at Neptune Mountaineering, Boulder, CO; videography & production by DuckPower, thanks to both of them.

1 hour, 8 Minutes. WARNING: contains graphic images of injuries from minutes 38 - 44

One of the benefits of being part of a search and rescue team, particularly one so close to a lot of climbing activity, is learning lessons from others' mistakes. Rocky Mountain Rescue Group shares some of these important lessons from the last 15 years of climbing accidents in Boulder County.

This discussion, is based on our paper, Rock Climbing Rescues: Causes, Injuries, and Trends in Boulder County, Colorado. We outline simple climbing accident prevention measures and dispel some myths about causes of climbing accidents.

The discussion will also provide some valuable insights on making an assessment, if an accident occurs, of whether you should call for organized rescue, and if you do, what you can do to tip the scales to a better outcome.

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